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Following the recent successes in the Arizona desert, the Athlete team from JPL came to Johnson Space Center for two days of follow up cooperative expermiments with Robonaut.

Thursday, 12-07-06

After the Athlete team's arrival, personnel from both groups began to set up temporary camps at the JSC 'mars yard'. The command and garage trailers from the desert were re-deployed and set up for use by the teams and the wireless communications were tested. Both robots completed their systems checkouts easily in spite of the cold conditions (low 30's, high winds).

Centaur collects samples
Centaur at the rock yard

Athlete robot climbs hill
Athlete climbs the hill

both robots waving
ATHLETE and Robonaut on the hill top

Athlete flexes at the top
ATHLETE flexes for the camera

Friday, 12-08-06

Teams started at 7am in the cold morning air. The coordinated demo included ATHLETE drilling an auger-anchor into the top of the hill, then Robonaut attaching the tether-hook safety line to the anchor ring. After lunch the teams moved from the Mars hill to the lunar surface simulation area and continued practice runs.

ATHLETE deploys anchor
ATHLETE deploys its anchor

Robonaut attaches tether to anchor
Robonaut attaches ATHLETE's tether line to the anchor

teleoperation from trailer
Teleoperations from the mobile trailer

Anchor and hook closeup
Closeup of tether hook on anchor